The Club meets regularly throughout the year providing a varied range of talks, competitions, workshops and exhibitions.  The age and ability of members is wide, as is the range of photographic interests. You will find members who are willing to talk to you on any photographic topic and will generally find an expert on most. Meetings are held fortnightly on a Tuesday at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms in the OSCARS room on the second level.  The room is open at 7.30 pm and the meeting starts at 7.45 pm.   Members £3 and Visitors £4 a meeting (first visit free). Annual Membership is £25 payable in January. Members joining after that date pay pro rata. For further information telephone 0330 900 0290 or write to Ludlow Photographic Club, c/o 4 Castle Street, Ludlow SY8 1AT or go to the CONTACT Page to send us an email.


EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Chair: Paul Bate Secretary: Colin Albrow Treasurer: Doug Knight Competition Secretary: Rosemary Thompson Committee Members: Kate Maxwell Nick Tranter Tim Walrond WebMaster: Rosemary Thompson